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Nie -Co  Rolls Cymbidium Yo Yos

Nie -Co Rolls Cymbidium Yo Yos


General The Nie-co-rol is specially for straightening flower like orchids, roses etc. Labour saving devices and long life duration. Nie-co-rol "MAXI" : wire-length ± 130 cm Nie-co-rol "MEGA" : wire-length ± 165 cm (higher traction) The Nie-co-rol can be supplied with a large (A), small (B) or short (C) hook. The Nie-co-rol "MEGA" will always be supplied with an orange coloured hook, so we can see a distinction between the Nie-co-rol "MEGA" and "MAXI" (white colour). The various hooks can also be supplied separate from the Nie-co-rol in the colours orange or white. Other colours on request. * The spring inside the Nie-co-rol "MEGA" is stronger, so that the traction is much higher as the "MAXI" (Your choice depends on the weight of your cultivar). * All material is UV stabilised and the spring inside is made of stainless steel, which extends the working life of the material and allows it to keep its properties longer. * The suspension hook on the cover can have all wire thickness up to 3½mm. * The Nie-co-rol can be suspended and removed with one hand. * The Nie-co-rol practically never develops defects. If a Nie-co-rol happens to become faulty as a result of extreme conditions, the wire can be wind up on the outside of the roll.

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