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Luggage Scale   I have for sale because I think its a great product.

Luggage Scale I have for sale because I think its a great product.


Going away and always concerned about overweight luggage on the plane.

This products works a treat!

Airlines strictly inforce overweight luggage charges. Jusk ask me!



  • Brand new

  • Modern design, lightweight, accurate!

  • Unit conversion: KG / Ib / OZ / G

  • Maximum range: 50KG / 10g

  • Random color

  • Battery Installation: Open the battery cover on the back of the scale, the negative toward the bottom right 3V button battery mounted on the battery cover to advance.

  • Power: Lift Electronic scales and maintain the vertical state, press the switch button, the screen displays "888.88", while the unit symbol flash, 2 seconds into the weighing interface.

  • Shutdown: After 30 seconds of idle this product will automatically shut down. (If you want artificial off, press and hold the switch button for 2 seconds will automatically shut down.)

  • Unit Conversion: UV scale surface: the boot state, long press on key may be unit conversion: g, kg, Ib, oz

How to use:

  • When turned on, the items to be hung on hooks above said, the reading will be displayed on the LCD screen, after a steady reading will be locked, the display shows "hold".

  • At this time, you can put on the scales hang luggage or items from the display reading accurate weighing data. If you press the switch button, the reading will be unlocked, you can add items and re-weighed. In the weighing process, the total weight of the items to be weighed including the container may not exceed the maximum range.

Package :1x LCD digital hanging Scale (battery include)

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