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Grapewood Burl tubes . Suited for all pets and aquariums. Great for potting and mounting orchids

Grapewood Burl tubes . Suited for all pets and aquariums. Great for potting and mounting orchids


Grapewood Burl half . Suited for all pets and aquariums.

The sculptural and dramatically gnarled form of Grapewood makes it an engaging centrepiece for a coffee table or other surface. The ideal eco chic decoration item. Our grapewood planter is perfect for DIY projects, succulent terrariums, centrepiece vases.

In addition to being very popular for decorations, Grapewood tubes are also used in terrariums and bird cages.

There's really nothing quite like these containers, and they will surely make a statement!

Approximately 12"-16" tall, and approximately 4"-5" wide.

These are 100% Natural products - shapes will vary.

Vases are hollow, top to bottom allowing you to insert flowers or other materials, either live or silk, making for a unique centrepiece for your event or home.

Each grape wood thickness and length will vary. Knots and holes are part of the natural growth making each item and one off.

We take pride in our selection and select the best pieces for you. The natural grape wood decor will create a feeling of home, along with fresh botanicals. From reptile decor to hanging air plant DIY projects, our multifunctional grapewood can transform your living space into a natural, relaxing environment. Also, makes a trendy eco chic wedding centrepiece.

Naturally grown and heat treated our grape wood is grown in the Napa Valley of California.

Grapewood tubes are recycled from vineyards where they are removed once they've reached the end of their grape producing years to make way for younger vines. This Grapewood has been sandblasted to give it a weathered finish similar to that of driftwood.

This natural hollow wood log is perfect for the aquarium, terrarium or reptile enclosure.

In the aquarium, this log provides an ideal place for fish to hide to feel secure. 

It is well-suited for breeding small birds and it's also perfect for small lizards, snakes, spiders and other animals that love to hide and feel secure.

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