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UTRICULARIA CORNIGERA (formerly known as Utricularia reniformis) 20 pots only

UTRICULARIA CORNIGERA (formerly known as Utricularia reniformis) 20 pots only




Tropical epiphytic Utricularia are found growing in bromeliad urns, moss, bark, or decaying leaves on cliffs, hillsides, and trees in fog forests in the Caribbean, Central and South America, and Africa. Many have underground tubers and may have a period of dormancy each year. Epiphytic Utricularia make excellent additions to any large terrarium or bright window sill if your house is very humid but really are best grown in cool, humid greenhouses. They are generally grown for their spectacular flowers that can put orchids to shame.

The soil mix you use for Epiphytic Utricularia depends very much on which species and your exact conditions. They are usually grown in a very light, well drained soil mix or live Sphagnum. A typical mix would be one part each long fibered Sphagnum, perlite, and pumice. Another common mix is one part each long fibered sphagnum, fine orchid bark, peat, and perlite. It is best to use Chilean or New Zealand long fibered Sphagnum since it degrades much slower than North American Sphagnum. If live Sphagnum grows very well under your conditions, try using it as your growing medium. To see what growing medium works best for the conditions you can provide, try divisions of the same clone in different mixes and watering schemes at the same time.

Some Epiphytic Utricularia grow best in hanging orchid net pots with frequent overhead watering. Other species that naturally live in Bromeliad water urns can be grown in live Sphagnum in a small amount of water. Epiphytic Utricularia do require pure water and appreciate the addition of very small amounts of fertilizer in the water.

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