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stoprot by keikigrow 1/2 price clearance

stoprot by keikigrow 1/2 price clearance


Stoprot is the original antifungal paste developed by Dr James Brasch of Plant Hormones Canada. Keikigrow Products Stoprot can be used treat fungal leaf spot rot on Phalaenopsis orchid leaves. In cooler conditions Phalaenopsis orchids can develop spots of fungal disease on their leaves. If left untreated these spots can spread to damage the entire leaf or worse the plant itself. If you remove the entire leaf to control the fungal damage the plant can suffer a set back because Phalaenopsis frequently have only a few leaves and do not have any bulbs to store energy.

To treat your leaf, cut a circle around the fungal damaged area at least 2cm larger than the obivous damage to make certain that all the damaged tissue is removed. Then apply Stoprot to the entire cut surface and your problem should be solved. Stoprot is based on a simple Bordeaux mituure and therefore does not contain any modern fungicides. Because stoprot is in lanolin is will stay on your leaf and will not wash off in the rain.

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