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Confidor Pills Tablets (25 pills)

Confidor Pills Tablets (25 pills)


The total Insect cure and innoculant. We are now using over 3000 pills a year and find a total control for ALL INSECTS. Particularly good for scale control. Miraculous cure for Dendrobium beetle grubs and other boring moths and insects.1 pill per large pot.
Initiator® tablets provide enhanced growth and long-lasting protection against the damage caused by various insects that attack containerised, newly planted and established plants. The tablets are designed to be placed in the soil adjacent to plants or in the planting hole during transplanting of seedlings, so that the growing plant can take up the fertiliser and the systemic insecticide imidacloprid. 
Controls Aphis on Roses, Azalea Lace Bug on Azaleas, Pysllids on Lilly Pilly species and other common ornamental pests. Works systemically though the plant. 80% fert to attract roots to the tablet area and 20% Confidor which lasts 12 months to protect plants against most common Sucking Insects.,• Easy to use tablet: no mixing, measuring or dilution required
• Significant impact on growth rate and survival (demonstrated in eucalypt seedlings)
• Provides lasting protection of seedlings and larger plants, against significant damage caused by various insect pests 
• Fertiliser is delivered directly into the root zone; the area of optimal uptake by the plant
• No-spray application allows highly targeted application with no impact on beneficial predatory insects 
• High level of safety in use

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