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The Australian Cymbidium Scene ..Volume 2  # 2.winter 2013..

The Australian Cymbidium Scene ..Volume 2 # 2.winter 2013..

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That exciting time of the year, the new flowering season, is just around the corner, although, I have had the odd plant in flower since January.   These early flowering cymbidiums are never going to create a lot of interest for those of you who ‘grow to show’.  However, I sense that growing trends, likes and dislikes, are becoming far more diversified.  Growers are looking for different styles of flowers and colour seems to be the most important consideration.  I know that my tastes in flower types has changed quite dramatically over the years. 


In this edition of Australian Cymbidium Scene I look at the plants that are currently available for that largely untapped Mothers Day market.  A quick trip up to Sydney really opened up my eyes and proved to me that we are on the threshold of meeting the needs of the cut flower and pot plant trade.  Among the flowers I saw, there were also quite a few that would perform extremely well on the show benches, around Australia, at this time of year . No, they didn’t have that perfectly round and filled in shape but they were still very attractive flowers - eye catchers!


Life for me has become very busy.  I am absolutely delighted with the response to my/our magazine.  Please remember that you, the growers of  cymbidium orchids, also have a stake in it.  With the sheer size of our great country it is difficult to stay in touch with everything that is happening on the cymbidium scene. The magazine is a simple way of achieving this.  I have had numerous requests to produce the magazine on a more regular basis and while I would like to oblige - I just don’t have the time.  I have many commitments, most revolving around the orchid scene - not only cymbidiums.  Towards the end of May I have two guest speaking commitments in South Australia but I will also use my time to catch-up on the cymbidium scene in that state.


As promised, I stated that I would be devoting some space to reports from overseas.  Tom Velardi, is an American, now living on the island of Kyushu in Japan. Tom shares with us his love of orchids and provides us all with some valuable growing tips for that beautiful cymbidium species, Cymbidium goeringii.  This species is becoming more readily available In Australia, it is never cheap and many growers have little success with it.  Hopefully, Tom’s advice will be of assistance.  Thank you Tom for a fantastic article.


Also in this issue we have an article from Piya Sungwiwek from Thailand.  Piya’s main interest, living where he does, Bangkok, is heat tolerant cymbidiums.  Getting cymbidiums to flower in warmer climates has always been a challenge, but a lot of work is being done by hybridisers throughout the world.  This article should be of great interest to those growers living in the northern parts of Australia. Thanks Piya for your input, it is greatly appreciated.  Early this year I sent Piya some pollen from my Cymbidium suavissimum ‘Keith Andrew’.


Still from overseas we have an article written many years ago by Dr Wally  and Barbara Thomas about a trial conducted - ’Growing Orchids in Perlite’. I would like to thank Bruce Schundler, former President of the Schundler Company for allowing me to publish this article, I’m sure many of you will find it interesting.


Carl Slusarczyk from the Cymbidium Orchid Club of Western Australia shares with us his thoughts on the 2012 season in that state and he has provided some great photographs.


Stephen Early writes about Winter flowering species and how he grows them in Melbourne.  Stephen’s articles have been very popular and the level of comment firmly suggests that species Cymbidiums are enjoying a  surge in popularity.


I report on a ‘Growing Trial’ I am conducting, using a new pot from Garden City Plastics.  I have also written about a ‘Flying Visit to Sydney - Autumn Colour’, the ‘Sage Seedling of the Year ‘and ‘Orchids of Interest’.



Page 5 - Cymbidium Orchid Club of WA - C Slusarczyk

Page11 - Cymbidium goeringii - T Velardi

Page 17 - Growing Orchids in Perlite - Dr W & B Thomas

Page19 - Sage Seedling of the Year 2012 - G Bailey

Page 23 - What are Heat Tolerant Cymbidiums? -

                  P Sungwiwek

Page 27 - Autumn Colour - G Bailey

Page 33 - Orchids of Interest - G Bailey

Page 34 - Cool Growing, Winter Flowering Cymbidium

                  Species - S Early

Page 37 - A Growing Trial - G Bailey


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