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What we did today. Osmocoting the 1 month old deflasks.

What we did today. Osmocoting the 1 month old deflasks.
I osmocote the deflasks usually 1 to 2 months after deflask.
Any earlier and they are a but sensetive and may be lightly scolded.
Our extra heavy multi trays we use at AON hold exectly 100 seedlings or clones in 50mm pots.  To each of those we apply 1 handfull in the "Feed the chooks" method.
After 40 years of doing this I seem to be quite accurate in the spread.
One minor thing to watch for is a granule getting stuck in the axils of the leaves.
After spreading just run your hand roughly over the seedlings in a swathing motion to dislong the granules.This doesnt work when the plants are wet so do this before watering.
The osmocote we use and sell ourself is 
And is for sale here. No, you cant buy it at Bunnings as its commercial only
There is enough food in these granules for 8/9 months.
What is really big news is that 2 years ago we tripled the amount of 50mm Dendrobium tubes we produced to allow more to get larger and be of better value
These were freshly topped up with osmocote recently and DOUBLE SPACED. Something we have never done before.
But it did take weeks to hand feed them all one at a time.

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