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Well I’m still here! I Think the surgeon was a Great white shark.

Well three hernias all fixed now.

THREE big open cuts. No keyhole, so longer recovery and pain levels.

Operated last Thursday arvo, after still sending out orders till 2 hours before opp.

Lifetime of outdoor and physical work caught up with me at 58.

Still in bed or waddling around like a 100 year old 6 days later.

Orders building up again and maybe start dispatch again Friday this week.

The unfortunate side of modern businesses is that everything revolves around the computer and printer. THATS MY JOB!

Lisa the nurse been very tolerant.

Although first time ever  I really don’t feel like doing much anyway.

Hugely lucky that weather cool and mild, so all the orchids fresh and happy.


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  • Wayne Turville on

    Thanks for the comments
    Only working 3-4 hour days for a while
    gets to sore in the afternoons
    30cm all up, over 3 places of open cuts So a bigger OP that expected by me.

  • Sami on

    Very pleased the op went well but you need take care during the healing process too.

  • Pat Hehir on

    Just wishing you a speedy and complete recovery, don’t rush it let your body do its healing.

  • Wendy on

    So glad to hear that you are still “with us” !! Just make sure you take some time to recover properly or you will back in hospital again. Take it easy.


  • Don Phillips on

    Glad things went well. Wishing you all the best

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