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Wayne and Lisa visit Cape Oasis Orchid Nursery July 2019

Wayne and Lisa visit Cape Oasis Orchid Nursery July 2019

On a recent visit to far North Queensland i finally after 10 years of thinking about it, visited cape Oasis Orchids.
We have never been there before because we usually head up behind Cairns to the Tablelands at Mareeba, then head sth. to the lush wet rainforesty end.
This year we went to Port Douglas North of Cairns and Cape Oasis is up the Top of the Mountains behind at the northern end of the Atherton Tablelands.
We were expecting typical NQ wet tropics type forest as up the Mountain.
But it was actually very much Savanah styled forests, mainly eucalyptus and melaleuca.
A little hard to find as we were expecting a large nursery sign and obvious frontage.
So here is a photo of the front gate if you are going to visit.
The nursery is about 40 minutes behind Port Douglas and up the hill.
There are really only 4 ways up to the tablelands and the Post Douglas end via Mossman is quite an easy drive
Just dont get stuck behind a cane truck! Like we did.
There are amazing veiws North To The Daintree while going up this pass.
The actual property is quite the Paradise of rich billabongs and wildlife habitat.
Sue says wild pigs are an issue in her billabongs.
The orchid nursery is similar to a giant hobby shadehouse with a rich selection of pickings.
Most will grow in all climates in Australia as this is the Tablelends 2000 ft above sea level.
Wildlife abounds and I hope to visit again in Febuary 2020
Sue and Ryan  would be welcome to hear from you,  maybe a visit.
Her new website is now up and running also
Here is a link. Just double click on it.

PHONE: (07) 40941146  Double click to email her.
12 WETHERBY RD, MT. MOLLOY QLD 4871opposite Rifle Creek Rest Area, Gateway to Cape York

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  • Mathieu on

    I’m currently in port Douglas and will definitely go have a look :) any other places recommended in the area Wayne?

  • Vlad on

    Very inspiring story. Cape Oasis and NQ is now on my wish list to visit. Thanks

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