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Using Confidor pills on smaller Orchids. Thanks Keith!

Using Confidor pills on smaller Orchids. Thanks Keith!



Hi Wayne,



Initiator tablets are wonderful for stopping aphids and scale insects from infesting orchids but they have a problem - a whole tablet is too big for anything smaller than a 300mm pot and cutting them in their natural state is difficult. 

However, I have found a method that works quite well. 

Put some of the tablets into a plastic container and give them a light spray with water. You want to just wet the tablets without leaving water in the bottom of the container. The tablets tend to stick to the bottom of the container if you leave them in a puddle of water. Place the lid on the container and leave for 2-3 days. By that time, you should find that the tablets have swollen a bit and changed colour. 

The tablets should also have softened enough that you can cut them with a sharp knife. If you find that they are still a little bit hard in the centre, spray them with a very light mist of water and leave them for a day or so. 

Store them in an air-tight container and they'll stay moist enough to easily cut for many months.  

Regards, Keith



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  • Maree Greer on

    If you use a whole tablet in a smaller pot does it hurt the orchid. Thanks Keith

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