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Total refreshing of nursery after 15 years

Total refreshing of nursery after 15 years

9 workers here today removing all our covers  7am  07.07.2016

After the great success of the "EOFY' sale   we can offord to refresh the igloo skins

 After 15, nearly 16 years its time to change all the igloo skins and refresh the nursery.
My goodness those old skins were dirty , brittle and well ready for a change.
The work was booked in for April but its taken this long to get a mild still day to be able to remove the massive sheets of plastic.
The slightest breeze turns the skins into massive parachutes!!

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  • Barbara Wolska on

    Well, done, now you will have a nice fresh roof. Yes, 16 (almost) seems like a long time for a roof but when you look back it seems like yesterday.

    I am soooo very happy that you can post to WA.

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