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Told you rats and mice would be on the move

They have started coming inside to nest and eat and winter down.

This will put you off your lunch Ian! (Regular reader)


All the jars of green rat wheat are empty already

Now comes the smell


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  • Ian - again on

    Had a very ripe pong under my desk at work a few months ago. Took much diligent sniffing to find the source – two dead mice in my sub-woofer.
    I think that would have made the speaker, not a woofer but a squeaker.

  • Ian Broughton on

    Too busy over lunch today and I had to work through, so an evening comment: my wife is a GP but part trained in pathology, she’s done over 400 post postmortems (on people) so I’m not put off by dead rats. Just don’t show me blood – can’t work that one out !

  • Jess on

    Well this was pleasant afternoon reading!!! Please don’t show me this next time Ben and I come down to the nursery!

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