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THe nurserymans friend #2. Beautiful Bluetongues

Each summer we are blessed to have the occational Blue Tongued Lizards wandering around the nursery.
These large lizards (up to 45cm) are gentle and timid beauties.
They only appear on warm to hot days and usually between 10am and 4 pm.
We had a nasty hot one here yesterday 23.01.2017 of 38.c   (104.F) 
Our regular mate "Bluey" decided to do a lap of the car park and no cars came thank goodness.    
Although they can shuffle pretty fast when they have too.
A little later in the day he gave me a fright as he scuttled around inside the building.
Just for a second that fat body and tiger stripes screemed snake to me ,but only for a second.
I fed him a little cube of plum,apricot ,lychee and banana  and off he trondled.


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  • Jenny Gall on

    They absolutely adore pawpaw and grapes as well! We have 2 different colour types in our garden in Brisbane – the more grey/black like yours and also some that are almost orange and black. Lovely to have them around!

  • George Palmer on

    Yes, beautiful creatures. We have them here in the Wimmera (Nhill) but the stumpytail variety.They wander onto the roads and unfortunately get killed. I have seen them chasing one another possibly mating, and going round and round in circles of about 3M.

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