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The luckiest two Banjo Frogs in Australia. Rescued from inside sealed bags

The luckiest two Banjo Frogs in Australia. Rescued from inside sealed bags

These two banjo or Pobblebonk frogs are sooo lucky to be alive


Banjo frogs live in soil.They burrow deeply in to soft soil and wait for heavy rains before coming out and calling with their banjo sounding calls.

Click on this link to here them calling

We have them in a pond outside our bedroom at home and they drive us mad on hot nights.

But then back to the storey.

We had a call from a customer that had purchased bags of our prepaid mix from pallets out the front of the nursery.

After storing it for a few weeks when he opened it, out jumped a banjo frog!

The bags are hand filled with shovels from  large pits, sealed airtight and placed out the front of the nursery. 

They do get sun on the bags for a few hours a day. 


 Some how these TWO frogs where shovelled up amongst the mix, bagged up, one was posted out!

The other turned up when a staffer unbagged one to pot up a fallen orchid.

Why they crossed a dusty gravel car park, crossed a large concrete slab and buried themselves in dry course rough mix is a mystery to me.

These noisy little buggers are TOUGH!!!

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  • Ian Broughton on

    Thanks for the amusing story. Back in my nursery days in the Upper Yarra I had an old bench with galvanised water pipe legs that were always half full of water. There would often be a resident Banjo Frog using a pipe as an amplifier – WOW what a call he made. I never really noticed lots of girls around, so he must have been too much of a showoff.

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