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Time to Daydream the lockdown away! Thala Beach Nature reserve and Port Douglas. HOW wet is the wet???

Thala Beach Nature reserve and Port Douglas. HOW wet is the wet???
As We head towards retirement I really really wanted to see what "The WET' was like up North.
Is it unbearable, sticky, wet and misserable??? 
The weather reports were miserable. 7 Days straight rain and storms with an average of 40-100mm of rain per day, thanks to a small cyclone over the gulf.
We were booked into the marvelous Thala beach Nature reserve we checked out last July.
Room #1 with the best possible veiw.
Our Airline captain said    "Possible Bumpy landing at Cairns" due to the Cyclione in the gulf, so I popped another airsick pill half way to dose up! 
On landing never smoother, he just swayed between giant storm clouds for a perfect landing. PS " I hate flying"
The updated on arrival weather report was storms and heavy rain for the next 7 days with between 20-90mm per day. 
I felt we may be cabin bound for a week.(Although at time of writing 18.03 I cant think of a better place on earth)
The first night it rained so hard at 2.30 am I thought the roof was going to collapse.
Below is the 1 Kilometer PRIVATE beach only accessable to the reserve guests.
It is 45 minutes North of cairns and 15 minutes south of Port Douglas.
It has a fine dining resturaunt on site and 2 pools ( 1 of which has 5 private sub pools and even a grotto cave to hide in)
It has 80 cabins all scattered through out the forest with prices aligned to the veiws they provide.
All my life I have searched out these style of accomadations WITHIN Australia and this certainly is up the top of the list.
The Cyclone moved inland towards NT.
Yes it was extremely steamy, but Lisa and I loved it.
The days averaged 33-35.c and the nights 24-26.c.
We never once said "enough of this steam and heat" 
Everywhere was lush ,green and alive with insects and reptiles.
Unlike the winter months we had always travelled before to escape the cold, the weather in Febuary was still, hot and predictable.
The Coral sea was flatter than I had ever seen and the water bluer and more inviting. It was fun walking along the beach and finding sharks, flying fish and stringrays behind the waves in the crystal blue 29.c water.
Couldn't swim in it though thanks to the bloody singers!
One day we visited Mossman Gorge. Clear blue skies,But a storm brewed over the mountain and caught us out. About 2 inches of rain in 20 minutes.

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  • RIchard on

    Great spot Wayne. Been there a few years ago and loved the setting and bird life. Cheers

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