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Sunburn on Dendrobiums . OUCH!

You would think id'e know by now! 
As the days get shorter,the suns gets lower in the North sky and in this case, came straight through an open shutter window at the nursery.
What was shady two weeks earlier no longer was.
36.C temperatures here one day allowed a nasty burn to occure.
Strange how it burns only certain areas?
Here's a strong unproven theory of mine.
The higher the humidity ,the greater an orchids abilty to withstand direct sunlight.
I observed this in the Numinbah valley behing the Gold Coast with steamy airless conditions.. Stag ferns were growing in 44.c  direct sunlight with no burning obvious. 
Yet I know in Melbourne with its very low humidity that this would kill a Stag in minutes of the same temperature.
Now students discuss!

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