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St Ives 2018 What a madhouse of fun! Well be there again for maybe our last hoorah!

St Ives Orchid fair 2018.
What a bloody madhouse it is.
All the orchid Fruit Loops under one roof for three days each year.
Each year we attend this crazy sale and show located at the ST IVES showground North of Sydney. But Lisa and I are getting older and these away from home events take there toll, so this may be our last?

We will once again be offering a massive 20% discount for pre orders sent to us before the 7th August (Cut off point) to be picked up at the venue over the 3 days or on the Thurdsay set up day outside ( No entry to actual venue). NO wholesale,bulky or low profit items can be included.

Payment on pick up. Sealed boxes only. Cash sales only. No wholesale, bulky or low profit itens such as onopened boxes pots etc. Time of pick up needed Day Time. Phone number as well. Last year some boxes where not picked up and this will disallow future orders from AON or AON ebay sales. AON may refuse to bring extra large items such as Den speciosums and Flowering size Cyms. Common sence folks!

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