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Some of 2016 best striped and swirls. Breedstock so dont ask for a piece!

 Keep an eye out in 2017 for these as half parents.
We've got these stripes and swirls downpat now and can breed at will.

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  • Riley Molle on

    Very good information has provided here and I am very glad to get this helpful post about striped and swirls. It’s a lot of means the Crucifixes and Crosses. This is my great pleasure to visit this website.

  • Colin G on

    G’day Wayne, great to see ‘Rockstar’ got registered (D. Regal Hilda) and its an awesome flower, but have you registered ‘Splish Splash’ yet or revealed its 2 parents?

  • WAyne on

    Not telling just yet?

  • Gavin on

    Nice. What are the crosses and their names Wayne?

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