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Rotting new Dendobium canes on Australian natives PROBLEM SOLVED

From a Customer 

Dear Wayne,

I would be grateful for your opinion regarding this Dendrobium I purchased from you a couple of years ago.


I grow it under the shade of a lo-quot tree all year round in Sydney. It shares the location with Maxillaria, Nobile and Kingianum.


The new shoot in the picture sprouted in October/November and was green an healthy. Unfortunately Sydney has had a lot of showers over the last three-four weeks and my impression is that rainwater has collected in the cup between the new leaves and rotted them.


The new stalk feels firm and strong. the leaves appear to rot from below upwards; (See separate leaf photo). I think you had an article on your website addressing this or a similar problem, that is water collecting on the bowl of new leaf growth.


The leaves were green, then they became yellow and I found a gentle tug pulled the leaf off the stem.


I am concerned that rot will encourage bacteria or fungal problems. Should I cut the yellowing leaves off the cane?


What treatment would you recommend please.


Your opinion would be gratefully appreciated,



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