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Rats and mice and orchids. Beware the 1st April is coming!

Rats and mice and orchids.  
Beware the 1st April is coming!  
Every year for as long as I have been growing orchids, rats and mice seem to start their damage on or around the 1st april.
So much so that we start baiting today for that very reason.
For many years we used waxed baits,but the rats took them away.
For waxed baits click here
We started taping them down or nailing them down. But the rats didnt seem to enjoy them much.
If your poo looked blue and waxy maybe you wouldnt eat them also!!
 We use and HIGHLY recommend this product ,they simply cant resist it
Its the good old fashioned poison laced wheat grains
We put about a centimeter of grains in a jam jar and lay it on its side where rain and water cant get in to it.
Place them in dark corners and entry points .
The wax baits may be safer, but not as effective.
They are good for tying onto beams and rafters and throwing behind large objects or wall cavities.
 One of these may help.
Or maybe this

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  • Alan on

    Thanks Wayne – a great reminder. Those little buggers do a lot of damage before you realise.

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