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Weeds and orchids. Oxalis corniculata "The Creeping Oxalis" I really hate this weed. I mean REALLY HATE THIS WEED!

This is one serious little Bugger of a weed. 

I actually think it is the worse weed in our nursery.

We know it as creeping oxalis and its a weed you just cant pull out.

It grows with a great big carrot like tap root that stays put when pulled, secondly it creeps around the pot with a fast growing stolon that breaks off and thirdly it has exploding seed capsules.

What an arsenal!



The greatest issue is that the staff weeding, forget to look up at the masses of hanging orchids we have on miles of wire stranded about the nursery and the exploding seed capsules rain the seed everywhere below.


In this case i've opted to de pot and pull the weed, but as you can see its a major disturbance and root tip breaker.

So what other option,well we use Afalon weedkiller.

Below are Before and After photos.  Yes straight over all our orchids "WEEDKILLER" !!

It kills all our weeds. Even grasses.

AON uses this product but we ,as always,suggest you try with discretion.

Do not apply near ferns,bromeliads and any other plant apart from orchids.

It kills them all.  

Any damage to your orchids is not our fault. You have tried this product at your own risk.

We have never found damage, ever.

The results can be slow in the cooler months and we have no experience with it in temperate to warm climates.  

  It works for us and all other Victorian orchid nurseries.

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