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Our largest ever flask sale starts Tuesday. Our benches are full, no room for deflasked orchids.

Times UP!!!  WE are currently deflasking all these and 1/3 are no longer available


As we slowly wind down over the next 12/24 months we have little need for more 50mm tubestock.

Its for this reason we are selling the latest batch of flasks subcontracted from Flora Propergation lab.

With nearly $30,000.00 worth of flasks to move, you can be assured a large selection.

We will for the first time be selling cloned Dendrobium flasks.

A few of these haven’t even been released by us yet and are very famous.



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  • James Mason on

    Hi All,
    Just wondering if there are any flasks still available?
    If so could you please let me know what Genus and species …
    Many thanks
    James Mason

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