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Orchids. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times Part two

So Monday morning we called in everyone who we could to start moving the plants.

The speciosum span first had to be condenced to fit  into span four.

And yes boys and girls thats all the speciosums we have left In 200mm  and 300mm pots. More on that later.

This was a huge job and took most of monday.    Now we can start shifting across.

So what will the weather be like tonight monday 27th. 
Hmm dont like the look of that starry crisp night.
But ,then at 9.30 pm it rains. Relax it must be cloudy. 
Have a good night sleep and relax. WE cant have 4 frosts in a row.

Tuesday morning I woke up with cold cheeks. Not another one.

This was different, the rain had frozen solid in the 0.c clear night. It must have been a one off shower.  The car door was frozen shut welded with clear ice. The windows wouldnt wind down, frozen in place. The windscreen wiper blades were frozen fused to the windsheild.

I turned on the hose to wash the windshield and by the time I turned it off and went back to the car it had refrozen?

Weird feathers of ice were over everysurface of the car

Big deal you may say! 
WELL Only 40% of the stock had been shifted by Monday night. 
Thats still left thousands of mature Cymbidiums out uncovered and exposed to that ice! Lets see how they fair!
Its now 5.06 pm and the last orchid has been moved.
The radio just said tonight Melbourne may have its coldest night since the 1950s. Just moved in time.
It only took 36 solid hard man hours to shift them. 
And all we have had all day is complaints from customers that their orders are taking too long to arrive.
7 days at St Ives 7 days preparing open weekend, 20 year all time record  sales to be gathered and boxed, over 280 orders!!!, frosts and wind damage.
Where's the beer!

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times

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  • Jane Findlay on

    Well done keeping such a positive focus despite such a rotten “hand dealt”.
    It’s amazing how working with plants gives you deep reserves of strength and endurance – plus a glass or two often helps as well!
    Really admire all your teams work and dedication. Thanks for all your efforts and hope to be buying from you soon.
    Kindest regards.

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