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Fogg it Nozzles. Orchids and fog. One of our secrets to strong orchid growing in summer

When the summer heat kicks in, then its time to start fogging and misting your orchids.
For over 40 years I have addicted too using American Made "Fogg it Nozzles"
They are made in four differnt grades of fog. Well five actually ,but we find the black just too fine.         As shown
The blue one throws the greatest distance and as our igloos are over 30 feet wide they are our first choice      
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The others become finer and finer and dont throw as far. Green only throws around a metre but is almost smoke like.
These are an essentual tool to good orchid growing in the hotter,less humid regions of Australia.        Say Perth Adelaide Melbourne and Sydney 
As these fittings are American made it can be hard to find the correct adaptor to fit Australian hoses ,so we have added that for you.(its the orange part)

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