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Orchid Thieves. Filthy rotten pondscum!

I was looking for something else when I found this article about B and T Fern and Orchids.

Really some people are the worst!

 Seems its not a recent problem either!  If its hard to read  then read from the far left

What I was looking for was the text to match the photograph below.

I had the photo stored away and believe it was from a local paper in North Queensland and the theif was caught with hundreds of Dendrobium bigibums.

Can anyone help please. 

Also I would be interested in passing on more stories of Pondscum orchid theives if you have any.

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  • Darren on

    I found that article as well just after I visited B&T’s closing down sale. Heartbreaking. After visiting her place I’m not surprised though. There’s no security. If they’re prized orchids why didn’t she lock them up?

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