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Botritis and orchids. Orchid spots. Nasty Weepy spots on my Dendrobium Orchid leaves. But relax!!!


Orchid spots. Nasty Weepy spots on my Dendrobium Orchid leaves. YUK! But relax!!!

Holey Moley they look AWEFULL.   My Dendrobium orchid are all going to DIE!!!


Its Botritis fungal spot. Also known as Grey Mould (Strawberries) . The good thing is its nowhere near fatal, just a bit concerning.

A bit like Tinea, unpleasant, but not the end of the world.

As you can see in the below two pictures as the leaf aborts the Fungal spoes break through as the typical "Grey Mould"  like you get on over ripe strawberries.


What should I spray? will it spread everywhere? Will it get  into the canes.

As I have always said time and time again. RELAX!

It only seems to effect older leaves,which doesnt make a lot of sence,as the new leaves are thinner and softer.

It seems to occur more in the coldest months and on the centre canes


If you want to spray, go and spend $20-$30 for nothing!

If you can just forget about it and in a week or two the effected leaf will turn yellow and simply DROP OFF!

Pick up the dead dropped leaves and throw them in the garden.

TOO SIMPLE, sorry but it works for us. Spraying a coat of metal oxide (what most fungicides are) just makes the leaved look muddy (see our competitors plants).

And as its water solouble need to be re applied every few weeks.

 So in summery, lots  of fresh clean air helps, remove the fallen leaves and eaccept that its just cosmetic.

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  • Wayne Turville on

    move to Mexico

  • amanda on

    hi i have this weepy spot problem but its with cactus. unfortunately for cactus this does kill them. any ideas?

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