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Our Anti Spiral Pots we love so much in action. Thanks Keith.

Hi Wayne, 

To combat the lack of humidity outdoors, I decided to put each anti-spiral pot inside a solid pot that left about 25mm of space between the two. It seems to work quite well.   Here are some pics of my Mt Larcom Gold. 


Comments from WT   Some growers just seem to ooze plant empathy.
I think they have green blood!
Look at the tinfoil to stop the large black pot from soaking up the retched summer raidient heat. Some black pots in the sun get too hot to touch and would kill fresh new orchid roots. 
Plus the water bath below for humidity, and the terra cotta bricks/tiles to keep it above the water.
And Confidor pills to keep the beetles and borers away.
Note the fresh white healthy new canes.


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