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Oils and Orchids dont mix in our opinion!

Oils and Orchids dont mix in our opinion!

Sometimes what you feel is doing the right thing can actually create a lot of damage.

The leaf on the left is the most recent and the spotty one but in march or so.

Certain oils promoted to be fine on orchids and gentle on plants can be actually very damaging.  The smothering effect that kills insect pests such as scale, can actually smother the stomata or breething holes on orchid leaves. 

This caused to orchid to overheat, just like if you were to apply paint over your skin.

The photo above is a perfect example of cell and leaf damage from the most commonly used 'OIL'.

We wont name it as we dont want to be sued.

There are many alternatives for scale control but if you must apply oils make sure the temerature does not exceed 20.c  for up to a month after applying.

This really only leaves winter in Southern Australia.

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  • Vlad on

    Now I understand why my plants leafs turn ugly after oil use. It’s been going for 2 years now, is it virus, is it fungas… I just didn’t connect. Good you brought this issue on blog. Thanks

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