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Oi! What about some comments. Im writing all this stuff it seems for nothing!

You can contribute or comment on any blog and have it published underneath.

Very few comment.  And writing these takes time.

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  • Glen Jamieson on

    Hi Wayne,
    I take a look at your blog most days. Love the photos from around your area , the orchids ,the info and the wildlife . Don’t be dis heartened if you don’t get instant response.

  • Andrew Locke on

    Love keeping up with your blogs. Always informative.
    Keep up the good work you do.

  • Ian Broughton on

    I visit your website and ebay shop every day also – it makes for a fabulous lunch break at work and much more appealing than the language in the lunch room !!! Comments from me are scarce because my time’s taken up looking longingly at your orchids.

  • Christine on

    I view this site nearly every day and always find new and interesting things on it and your info is always helpful so please continue when you can. Would like to know when Dendrobium Sydney will be available please as in an earlier comment you said 1st April or was that an april fools joke? Have been waiting patiently for it to appear.

  • Ray Gudzinski on

    Hi Wayne,really great website,congratulations.
    What type of bird have you illustrated?
    I find your articles very imformative and would use them for reference weekly.I don’t know how many older posts there are because I have never viewed the very first one.
    Is it possible to have an index.
    Very interesting bird.

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