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Oh NO! It was the best of times, it was the worst of times Stay Tuned

The very day before we left for St Ives Orchid fair and a 7 day away from nursery trip this happened.

A 125kmh windstorm ripped the cover from our second nursery site

24 hours before we were due to drive 12 hours to Sydney.

No time to do anything. Just lock the door and walk away.

Its late Winter, only 2 weeks to spring, theyll be fine. What can we do anyway?

It would take 4 weeks to book the re skinner and a week to move all the plants to another span,even if we had the room. (What nursery has a spare span empty)?

7 days later we are home after an all time record sale at St IVes .

Still no time as our huge open weekend coming up only 3 days after returning from Sydney.

All staff dedicated to preparing main nursery for huge sale.

Just no time to even pick up blown over orchids from 8 days ago.

Theyll be fine, just block it out of your mind Wayne!

Focus on the Big Open Weekend sale.



PART TWO 27.08.2018

OK the St Ives Orchid fair and 7 days away is behind us,but now its the Massive AON 20% sale and open weekend to come.

So not a spare minute to consider the ripped and shredded tarps skins and shadecloths. Hey Its nearly spring anyway. Theyll be fine!

Hmm 3 crisp, clear moonlit starry nights in a row Thurs 23rd (2.c) frid 24th (1.c) and sat 25th of August ( 0.c) .

Oh no! All three nights frosts on the bare uncovered orchids all 4800 square feet of them. The blue pin is the one to read.

Yep thats Ice on the vans widscreen. So a deep heavy frost.

And another crisp full moon rises. Another cracker cold night.


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  • JIllian KElley on

    So sorry that you have had this event happen . It must be heartbreaking after all the work you put into them . Will they be alright in the long term . Looking forward to coming as usual to get some more lovely orchids .😱😂😩. 😄J

  • Celia on

    I will show my 92yo mother who is worried about her 3 very large Dendrobium Speciosums she has had to leave unprotected at Blairgowrie. Her worries are only small compared to yours. Hope the damage is not too great.

  • Jacqueline Williams on

    So sorry to see this. I’d popped over to check on an order I’d placed, but see you’re dealing with some terrible luck. All the best, and I hope you and your plants come through it without any lasting damage. Take care.

  • Avril Bell on

    😢 heartbreaking especially this time of year, good luck. 🤞

  • Ray Gudzinski on

    Always at the wrong time,
    You have my sympathy.

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