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Naked Man Italian Orchid. The latest con! Orchis Italica, Flower Seeds.

Here we go again, but this seller is within Australia.
Grab a weird photo from the internet, say you have some seed to sell (doesnt matter what seed it seems) and away you go, make some easy money.
The seed takes so long to germinate (if it ever does) that ebay wont touch it for  dispute.
This one below is my new low point in stupid orchid seed sales.
Come on now!!! This is being sold as Orchid Seed!
Its someones floral art display!
Most poor souls think they are just poor gardeners and did something wrong with the seed!
Or what about this gutter classic 
Remember ,you cant grow orchids from seed without a laboratory, its just too hard as the seed is microscopic.
How can they measure out 5-10 seeds when its as fine as powder. 
No you are just a sucker who has been conned., but dont worry, you can get your money back!Read on as to how.
When I have aproached Australian Seed sellers of this and other orchid seed they say that the seed was sourced from China in good faith.
Hmm import customs and quarantine permits I wonder, I think not.
Even boasts about being a LOCAL AUSSIE SELLER!

LOCAL AUSSIE STOCK - Naked Man Italian Orchid, Orchis Italica, Flower Seeds

Here are some examples

 Its strange you know,within minutes of buying the seed my money was refunded and the sale rejected,ran out of seed they said.

So as a test i tried to re buy, and low and behold received this message

Sorry, the seller isn't accepting bids or offers from you at this time.


The have your money refunded, you can take out a Paypal dispute up to 12 months after purchase.

But only if you have paid by Paypal.

Paypal will return your funds back into your account.

Real orchid seed as to what is supplied


I will verify and testify that is not orchid seed to anyone who asks.

With 40 years experience and many friends who do germinate orchid seed in labs, we do know better.

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  • jack on

    This is a wonderful flower, I like the beautiful flowers. Your information is very useful, the article is very good hoa tang le

  • Christensen's Flower Auction on

    What a douche! Pretending to be real gardeners/florist and selling fake items. It damages the image of a florist and online flower market business. A lot of people will now hesitant buying on a flower online market because of their wrong doings.

  • Mary Tang on

    I think they are poor gardeners who bought those seeds or they are not gardeners at all; just online shoppers who had nothing better to do. Maybe they bought them for a joke and a laugh.

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