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Monkey face,flying duck Orchid seed. Dont be an orchid seed sucker. Now its White ballerina and red dancing girl. What next??

I  cant get over the absolute straight fraud ofChinese based seed sellers.

Its simple ,just pick a great bizzare photo, then sell seed to match, but only use cabbage seed. Usually dead cabbage seed so it never germinates!!! 

The sucker customer takes so long to find out the seed is wrong, that any chargeback or return item moves have taken too long and the item has moved on or expired.

Ah but its only a few dollars. Yes well multiple that up hundreds of times over.  

And then there are the "AUSTRALIAN SELLERS".  Buy within Australia for extra safty.

Like this "AUSSIE SELLER"  who just keeps selling and abusing and blocking me from ebay. This seller has no shame.  

Or here's a second theif that just keeps on trading 'I suspect same sellers under a newer name

This seller even sells multiple auctions of the same item by changing a letter or two of text in contravention of ebay policy.

Yes Right!!!  When confronted with seed photos and comparisons they simply say "well i bought them from China in good faith"

I have rang Ebay and there policy is "well there simply isnt enough complaints or negetive feedbacks"

Usually the sellers of the seed also sell tatty underwear and other chinese JUNK like dodgy phone covers etc.

Why would they be marketing rare orchid seed.

The the case of the white Ballerina they are not even orchids but Impatiens.


They are even showing the seed in photos. Its thousands of times larger than orchid seed. And even stranger (well not really)  the same seed turns up for all rare orchid types.


How to stop this?  Easy, have some fun. Buy the seed ,complain its not orchid seed. Demand your money back or if they play hard ball take out a Paypal dispute.
Then leave some colourful negetive feedback!!!

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  • Lyn Thomson on

    Hi, I had seen these ads but thought that quarantine would confiscate any seeds coming into Australia as they could introduce exotic diseases or pests?
    perhaps quarantine would be a place to start to stop this trade?
    kind regards,

  • Ian Mckenzie on

    Bit like the purple, black, blue and glow in the dark roses On and on it goes. We are all easily parted from our hard earned cash.

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