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Wayne Turville Photos Over the years My goodness the blink of an eye!

Being outside for 40 years growing plants has aged me!
EEK!  Fatter balder and aged poorly!!!
Working too hard keeping you customers happy!

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  • Mary Tang on

    Good things are better aged. I also blame you for making orchid growing too easy.

  • Darren Hynes on

    Excellent taste in wool jumpers in your early years.

  • Boof on

    Still the second luckiest bloke in the whole of Australia. Goodonya Wayne!

  • Ian Broughton on

    You’re clearly mistaken in your self-assessment – you’ve become more ruggedly good looking with every passing year.

    I say the same of myself, but in my case it’s not self-assessment: all who know me would agree that it’s self-delusion.

    I too draw great pleasure from your orchids and my 20 months of growing them is about 40 years too short.

  • Graham Hastings on

    All the effort has been worth it .
    Doing what you love and it shows in the plants , very excellent breeding and of all the plants i have purchased from the nusery not a dud one in any of them . Many peoples obsessions have been started by your plants. I met your plants on the internet in 2009 chasing falcorostrum ( although too warm now to grow them bummer ) and have had many rewarding years flowering your orchids .
    From a very pleased regular customer . Thankyou.

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