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Look at the pretty (Nasty) caterpiller I found.

A cup moth I believe 

Found it while photographing orchids for website on a Eucalyptus 

Crikey IPHONE cameras are great these days.

The original photo is here

The little orange sea urchine spines only pop up when disturbed.

Seems there are differnt species 

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  • Colin Grimson on

    We used to call them ‘spit fires’ when I was a kid. The odd one would fall out of the eucalyptus trees at primary school. One would hope it never fell on you. Apparently the little ‘flowers’ front and back stung with a searing heat, hence the name ‘spit fire’.

  • Stephen on

    Did you come into contact? You’d know about it if you did!

  • Jess G on

    That’s crazy!!!

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