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Laelia (cattleya) purpurata. Now that's a specimen. Well done Bill Dobson.




I had to show this to someone as I can’t get it to a meeting and can’t even get it thru the door and not sure about the care either as well as being 110cm in dia it weighs 23-25kg when wet and hard to lean over and grab it. No wonder I have a bad back.


In 2008 after splitting it a couple of times it had 6 pseudobulbs and 6 flowers and I thought I should grow it on. In 2014 it received an ACM/OSNSW-AOC 82 points.


This year, WOW 130 flowers on 30 inflorescences!


Anyway just thought that you would like to see it as I don’t think that I will see the like of it again, and it and a couple of the others will get broken up this year.


Best regards and Merry Christmas to you all


Bill Dobson

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