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It seems all orchid growers love the same things.

It seems all orchid growers love the same things.
It seems that those of us that love orchids also seem to love most other natural history collectables.  I know that since I could walk i have collected Sea shells,rocks,crystals and dead insects such as Christmas beetles.
After A lifetime of collecting I am starting slowly to empty out the draws and will be selling bits and pieces on the website.
Ebay and I have had a major falling out  as they seem to have lost their way as an auction site. Seem only interested in selling people "STORES"  now.
So I will be selling my bits on the website.
No not orchids But Oh well!

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  • Wayne T on

    Yes thanks Michael.
    In a saflty deposit box I actually do have a fultoni and a broderipii and well as a few blue valentias
    Stay tuned.!
    And yes smarty pants a have a few morrocan trilobites!!

  • MIchael Read on

    Hi Wayne.
    My wife is probably going to curse you. After my fairly recent re-introduction into orchids I have been frequenting your site & spending a few dollars. Now that you are putting the cowries on display it just jumped up another level, especially when your blog shows a fultoni. I agree with your comments about collectors and as a mate of mine (a science teacher / collector) says ; we are all just on the edge of the spectrum. Looking forward to seeing what you post & saving my money for the fultoni. I will bet there is probably a nice Moroccan trilobite or two in the collection as well.
    Michael Read

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