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Is this the world's largest gold Australian Dendrobium hybrid?

Dendrobium Australian Nugget   'Welcome Stranger'
Dendrobium Bill Dobson 'Pineapple' x Dunokayla 'Killa'
I hope you purchased a seedling 4 years ago!
Its becoming more gold every day and has only been out 5 days.
And its got even golder!!  19.09.2017


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  • Ian Broughton on

    The third and fifth pictures are particularly striking.
    It’s very aptly named – ‘Killa Pineapple’ is probably much too scary.

  • Wayne Gregory on

    Wowzer! I’m really happy to say I purchased a pair of these seedlings from you back then. Unflowered as yet but hope they come close to the one in your photos.
    More proof that my suspicions of Dunokayla being a fantastic parent are realistic.

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