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Intoducing Dendrobium Wayne Turville

Why the heck would you name one after yourself?

Because i wont be in this trade forever and I know for a fact this hybrid is a little special.

Also it has been produced in numbers that insure it will not dissapear into the thousands of hybrid registrations that are lost due to far too low a number being offered and produced for sale.

We have only bloomed three so far and all were keepers!

The falcorostrum seems to allow the colour to shine through creating these spotty marvels.

Its extremely fast growing, healthy and blooms in only 2 to 3 years in either a 80mm or 100mm pot.

Not too large, both potplant and showbench, doesnt suffer from tubeleaf (see next blog) and is highly fragrant.

It will be for sale in a month or two after tagging.


Dendrobium Wayne Turville




Wayne Turville

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Registrant Name


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Date of registration

Seed parent Pollen parent
Genus Dendrobium Dendrobium
Epithet falcorostrum Flinders

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  • Tim Rodger on

    It’s a ripper. Any for sale yet?

  • Candice Foo on

    I want one of these.

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