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I should listen to my own advice! Slug out is a must.

I recently pulled down the sheaths on some giant valuable 'Dendrobium speciosum speciosum 'Neil's Choice' 

It exposed giant young buds forming and I though 'Beaut giant spikes this spring"

But no, I had forgotten to slug out the pots ,thinking that no slug or snail would touch such large leaves and giant canes.


But I had fogotten about those big fat juicy buds,so guess where the molluscs headed?


You can purchase it here.

I know it was a slug or snail and not a rat or catterpiller  as it left a silver trail behind. 

Thats what you look for when trying to work out what did the damage.

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  • Hamad Maarbani on

    Your slugout is the best weapon in my orchid pots i left one Sarc pot without it and boy did i see what damage those barstards did thanks for your advice I’ve tried a lot of other baits and nothing comes close to slugout l love the way it lasts for a long time

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