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I had a farewell Bonfire Last Night with a few Beers by myself.

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  • Phil Mead on

    Thank You!

  • Rita Park on

    All the very best for the future & thank you for all the lovely plants that I have bought from you both. Maybe you were a grump but I never saw it but I did have contact with your lovely wife who was so helpful. Shame no one wanted those igloos ,what a waste.
    Enjoy retirement.
    Rita Park

  • Bryan Tan on

    Thanks Wayne & Lisa!
    Best wishes and all the best!

  • Liz on

    One of the orchids I bought from you flowered from the first time today. I now have a wall of about 2 dozen dendrobiums mounted on old raggedy bits of fallen tree. Looks fabulous and thriving thanks to the great plants you sold me in the last 6-8 months. Some of them are the orchids you named, so I’ll especially watch out for them to flower. You should be very proud of the business you built and the joy your plants have brought so many people. I wish I had found your shop earlier—but I’m glad I found out about dendrobiums before you closed. Best wishes for the future.

  • Helen Butler on

    What a stunning days end. A little like life really, full of colour and beauty, sometimes a little cloudy, but lots to warm the heart. Thank you. Warmest regards Helen

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