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Out the window of the plane back from Cairns I saw this mysterious Crater like mountain. Gundabooka-national-park

At 58, I still have a pretty good sence of wonder and as such, had my face glued to the window home on the Plane from Cairns to Melbourne last week. 
Im always facinated by the straight and squiggly lines made by both man and nature, the river courses and the patchwork of reds and greys you get in the Australian Outback. 
This time I noticed what looked like a meteor crater,or more like a deep horseshoe shaped range. It was very obvious against the thousands of square kilometers of flat red/grey desert. 
Its surprising how far inland you actually get beetween Cairns and Melbourne when you draw a "Crow flies" line between the two.
Once heading south the Aircraft flies down to Townsville then vears inland in a perfectly straight line to Melbourne.
By pearing out the window and taking a few I phone photos I have many a fun lunchbreak trying to find the landmarks i veiwed from 32000 ft up by using google earth.
Its easy as they will be along that straight line.
What an amazing place and Ive never heard of it!
Anyone been here,its  err, Back of Bourke!?

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