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Holy moly. Our dendrobium speciosum grandiflorum 'Beranghi Gold ' has gone mad

Just how many new growths can one orchid have.

And what a great orchid to have so mant new growths on.

Just divided it and got 6 pieces  


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  • Candice on

    What a stunning orchid! I need this ?.

  • Ian Broughton on

    Hi Wayne

    It must be growth hormones. The D. speciosum ‘Amymere’ x ‘Herbville’ I bought in a 30cm tub in July, has just put on 7 new growths and is now in a 40cm tub – that was a desperate necessity. And I’m astounded by the Coelogyne ‘Unchained Melody’ I bought earlier last year, in a 10cm pot with 12 growths and about 5 back bulbs. It fell into 2 pieces so I put them into separate baskets, between them they now have 25 new growths!!! I have extensive inexperience with orchids, so that may just be a normal season’s growth, but I’m amazed every time I look at them.

    Your D. kingianum ‘Pinot Noir’ x ‘Violacious’ is showing early signs of being an absolute growth machine too. Bought in a 50mm tube in spring, again divided into 2, 13 new growths in spring and now 9 more and still counting.

    You and your team are amazing and your orchids are “finger licking good”. But PLEASE tell us your secret recipe of 11 different herbs and spices.

  • Wayne Turville Replied on

    Our wonderful Peter’s Excel ive been using for 38 years straight

  • Darren on

    What kind of orchid steroid are you using?

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