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Hip Pip Hooray . I had a holiday Day 2. The Atherton tablelands NQ

Hip Pip Horray . I had a holiday Day 2. The Atherton tablelands NQ
I wanted the deep dark tropical rainforest,but with luxury,and we found it!
These blogs are not for boasting but to share with my customers my search for the perfect tropical natural place. Where rare birds and butterflies and rich varied life occurs. So you can go too!
Im not an overseas traveller, as I fell I have a lot more to squeeze out of Oz first. 
I through a lot of tripadviser research found 'Crater Lakes Rainforest Cottages'.
After some Google earth flyovers I though "This looks perfect"  And it was!
Our Business logo has always been the Victoria's Riflebird'  
But few know it exists. It is Australia's only Bird Of Paradise and I have always wanted to see one in dance.
My bucket list item you may say.
It took the BBC with David Attenborough two weeks to find and film courting ,I did it in one day thanks to the owner of the Cottages.
Here are a few Utube videos I have shared
It was here that we got to feed Riflebirds in our hands.
Pademelons and Musky Rat Kangaroos were scuttling about below our decking. 
Catbirds howled away each morning and at night the bush crickets and cicadas sounded like something from a Science fiction movie.
This entire holiday revolved around seeing the Male Victoria's Riflebird do his tricks and we were graced to see him perform on only the second day.
So that's one off my simple natural bucket list!

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  • Ian Broughton on

    Our all-time favourite June holidays from Melbourne – Cairns, Central Aust, Cairns. The Atherton Tableland is a wonderful and amazing area for birds, orchids and ferns. Two trips there were nowhere near enough.
    I hope every moment you spend there is as awe inspiring as your experience with the Riflebird.

  • Christine on

    Sounds like a magical place to have a holiday . I am going to get there one day!

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