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Hip Pip Hooray! I had a holiday! First day.

Hip Pip Hooray! I had a holiday!  Part 1a

A well needed charge up of the batteries before the Horrid Melbourne winter sets it.

Off to far North Queenslands wet tropics and all the butterflies and bugs I can chase.

First day as we flew into Cairns (Pelting thumping rain) with Tiger (not a bad airline actually as long as you are not overweight). Needed a shoe horn to get into and out of our seats.

As we were staying up on the tablelands we went straight up to Kuranda for lunch.

Great pies and a fun walk around the tourist traps to stretch our legs.

Then inland towards Mareeba to visit Coffeeworks. And then down to Lake Euchum for the first night.

On the way we found Coleman's Orchids

Brian Coleman

2095 Kennedy Highway, via Kuranda
(Approx 7 Kms Mareeba side of Kuranda)

P.O. Box 57, Kuranda 4881


This seems to be the last stand for KING crucifix. Easily twice the size of normal crucifix. We purchased one of each colour and will cold test them back in Tyabb.

Asked Brian to jump in the photos,but didnt want too!

Also Vandas, Hardcane Dendrobium Antelopes and Laturea.

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  • Adrian on

    Well deserved!

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