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Hip Pip Hooray . I had a holiday final part. Days 5/6/7 And thats all folks. Back to work

Where do you go when you work 66-88 hour weeks and only get a few weeks off each year, well this is where I go!

Who needs Bali or Thailand? Ill stay in safe old OZ anyday.

3 days here and my heartrate dropped from 120 to 77. Its called Altitude 140  at Bingal Bay (Mission beach)

Dont leave the money to the kids, come here instead! And no its not so expensive. Ive paid more to stay in a room in a normal motel In Melbourne per night

Whole mountain top to your self over looking the Coral Sea and Dunk Island

A whole mountain of lush rainforest all to yourself!

And a veiw out to sea like this.  Call me if your interested in going there!

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