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Hip Pip Hoorah I had a holiday Day 4 Part A The wild orchids and Bruce Grey

Hip Pip Hoorah I had a holiday Day 4 The wild orchids and Bruce Grey
After a magical night with all the shutters open we were awaken by  a symphony of exotic bird calls. The most remarkable were the Yellow Footed Scrub hens or Bush chooks as the locals call them, the whip birds and the catbirds.         turn up load to enjoy
One thing I will never forget was the humid misty warm breeze that floated through the treehouse while we slept. Like warm foggy dry mist. In the morning we actually were in the clouds,as Yunguburras altitude is 2500 ft  and Mount Quincan probaly another 750 ft higher.
Below is the main street of Yungaburra. Easily the most streetproud town in Australia.
Every shop was responsible for maintaining the floral dispaly in front of it.
Amazing country town co operation ! Up there with Central Tilba in Southern coastal NSW
With Lisa settled with a little luxury,I could get away to see Bruce Grey. The Master Orchid grower of this region and world famous orchid Identity.
His collection is Botanic garden Quality.  Simply the rarest and most unique collection ive visited. Now in his eighties (I think) the passion for orchids is still burning bright.
Ten years earlier on my last visit to him I spied some goodies and this trip I came prepared to lever them out of him.

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