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Here's another veiw of our Dendrobium speciosum repot. Never again.

Here's another veiw of our speciosum repot. Never again.
They are all 200 and 300mm pots

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  • Peter on

    I have some worse for wear 200mm pots (approx 8) Dendrobium speciosum that need repotting. I am going to attempt to place them on a merbau platform that will hang on a large solid brick pillar facing North East. Problem is they have to survive coming from the Hawkesbury to Goulburn. Am I dreaming? When would the best time to do this be? Presently they’re sheltered outside among other trees/shrubs waiting to be planted out in a paddock. Cheers, thank you.

  • Candice on

    Wow, this is amazing!!

  • john on

    Wayne. an impressive sight and massive effort. Have they all been divided now?
    Wondering about how many in pots and how many in the tree fern?
    Cheers, John

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