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Help me close this fraud Japanese monkey face orchid seed on ebay. What a cheap scam

Help me close this fraud Japanese monkey face orchid seed. This is the most obvious, sad fraud I have seen in the orchid world. 23 sold so far.
"A f#$@ and their money are easily parted"

Click on the link below

Then scroll down to Report this item

Hit listing practices

Then Fraudulent listed activities

Then You suspect this item is fraudulent

The seller has blocked me, but has continued selling, after telling me he had no seed to supply my order.

If you feel strongly enough, buy the seed and go harder for them via paypal and negetive feedback.

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  • David Sainsbury on

    ..I’ve just spent an hour on the site reporting everything obviously fake. We’ll see how long it takes to block me, otherwise I’ll continue tomorrow :)
    I encourage everyone to do the same!

  • Mary Tang on

    DONE! I am not sure if eBay would do anything about it but since there are so many items on this site that is suspect I think it is a matter for the police.

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