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Growing orchids in chipped coconut husk

Chopped coconut husk has been popular with orchids since orchid bark started to become scarce. As Pinus radiata trees are harvested younger and younger for treated pine poles, the supply of chunky nugget pine bark has become harder to obtain. As such coconut husk chip has become an easily supplied alternative, and many of our competitors use it.
As Melbourne is very close to Mount Gambier SA, we have always had a supply of Pinus radiata bark and have not felt the need to change. Coconut husk is usually combined with hardwood charcoal and other ingredient such as various rocks and course sands. Our Besgrow blocks are possibly the cheapest around yet the highest quality.

Quality has always been an issue and there are many inferior brands for sale. Salt and pH have always been an issue, but not with the Besgrow product.

It is available in S-Grade which is 12-16mm grade chips, and SS grade which is 10mm chips.

To expand the bales, simply fill a 50 litre rubbish bin with fresh water and place in the bale. Some like to let it soak for a day or two then change the water to remove brown tannins. Another bonus of the Besgrow product is that it is harvested from sustainable and renewable resources!

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  • Michael Kellock on

    In Lae, PNG, I grew hundreds of Vandas in coconut husks (didn’t bother to chop ’em). They loved it but so did the funnel web spiders!

    I see from some of your pics that you’re still drinking Cascade Light – I’ve switched to XXXX Pale Ale, a mid-strength. Try it, it’s superb.

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